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About us

About us


Dunelm USA is a philanthropic organization of Durham University alumni and friends in the United States.

As a volunteer-driven organization, we are committed to three objectives:

  1. Creating a supportive alumni community.
  2. Raising financial contributions to Durham-related projects.
  3. Increasing public awareness of the University, especially among potential new students.

Mission Statement

Durham. What is it about this place that calls to us over the years? Is it recollections of your college or your department, or of the city itself? Perhaps it is the lifelong friendships you made at college, memories of the beautiful cathedral and architecture, or the extraordinary educational experience you had at Durham. This place is like no other.

To honor these times past, and to help ensure that others may follow your path, historically, the North American Foundation for the University of Durham (NAFUD), now Dunelm USA, was founded to link past students who now live and work in America. Dunelm USA provides scholarship and bursary support to deserving students of tomorrow, helps fund special projects in several colleges, and serves as a base of networking for all branches of the University and alumni in North America.

We rely on gifts, grants and bequests to achieve these goals, we hope you will consider becoming a member of our support team. We are beneficiaries of a special experience, and we have an opportunity to carry on this tradition. Please give to Durham so others may follow. Click here

If you are a Durham alumnus or friend, we invite you to join us by making contact with our group at