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Tania Klein

Tania Klein

Academic Life

Tania graduated from the Durham University Business School Global MBA programme in 2015. The stimulating program gave her contacts on five continents, several of whom she finally met at graduation. Her dissertation mirrored her professional interest in anti-aging market research and changing attitudes towards aging. Tania also has a BA/MA degree in Journalism from Saint Petersburg State University. As a journalist intern she interviewed Boris Yeltsin and was later part owner of a newspaper.

Professional Life

Tania is currently Managing Director of a growing Massachusetts healthcare organization focusing on regenerative medicine and medical research. She has held management and market development roles across healthcare, the medical device and Media sectors.

Social and Family Life

Born in the Russian Far East and growing up in Siberia, Tania escaped the bleak winters by playing on the Russian National Basketball Team, enabling her to travel throughout Eastern Europe during high school. She now lives in the comparatively balmy Boston suburbs with her American husband, a Neuropsychologist, her daughter and a cat. Tania enjoys traveling to new destinations, learning new things and walks in nature. Her Fitbit goal is to get 10,000 steps on a daily basis.