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Zoe Scheinman

Zoe Scheinman

Academic Life

Zoe graduated from Durham (Trevelyan College) with a B.A. in Chinese in 1988. She graduated in 1992 from U.C. Berkeley with an M.B.A.

Some of her fondest memories of Durham are of the people she met, and of the stunning surroundings.

While at Durham, Zoe was lucky enough to participate in Kendo (martial art), rifle shooting, Durham Union Society (debate), and had a small speaking part in a play performed in Chinese.

Her year abroad at People’s University, Beijing, was a particular highlight.

Professional Life

Zoe is currently enjoying non-profit work in the field of education in Northern California. She was previously a product manager with Kensington Technologies, and also with Schlage Lock, and she started her career in Hong Kong with Jones Lang.

Social Life

Zoe was born near Durham, raised in the Peak District National Park, and spent time in China before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves watching the San Francisco Giants baseball team.